Good Practice Guide to Insulation

Good Practice Guide to Insulation

Passivhaus buildings are known to eliminate the performance gap, and insulation is a crucial element to the fabric first approach. This guide aims to give building professionals an insight into good practice for designing, procuring, storing and installing insulation materials. It will be useful for any building professional interested in getting the most from the materials they use.

This guide (Published September 2017) is not a detailed design manual; other technical considerations should be considered when specifying and installing insulation materials. Refer to the manufacturer’s product installation guides where available; these highlight particular material properties and give specific advice, which takes precedence over more general advice given here.

This paper was written by Will South, with input from: Jol Berg, Bill Butcher, Shelly Edwards, Clive Feather, Nick Grant, Kate de Selincourt, Mark Siddall & Peter Warm.


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