Product listings

Showcase your Passivhaus products

A new Passivhaus products section has been added to the Knowledge Base, providing a unique reference source of products and systems which are suitable for use in Passivhaus developments. Manufacturers who list their products on the knowledge base will benefit in a number of ways:

• Promote your Passivhaus specific products to the ever-growing Passivhaus community in the UK

• Help to further develop an extensive source of reference and knowledge base authored and peer-reviewed by industry experts

• Link your products to specific case studies to showcase how and why they were used

How much does it cost?

• 1-5 products: £300+VAT per product

• 6-10 products: £275+VAT per product

• 11-20 products: £250 +VAT per product

To get your products listed, please contact Kym Mead at