TEK Building System

Product / Material type(s): 


Comprises 142 or 172 mm thick structural insulated panels (SIPs) connected with a unique jointing system for walls and roofs, and intermediate floors using I-beams or open web joists.


Thermal conductivity: Insulation core: 0.023 W/m.K; OSB/3 facings: 0.13 W/m.K

Facings: 15mm Oriented Strand Board type 3 (OSB/3)

Core: High performance CFC/HCFC free rigid thermoset urethane insulant of typical density 33 kg/m3, manufactured with a blowing agent that has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP)

Board size: Manufactured to individual projects - however the panels have standard dimensions of width: 200 mm (min.), 1220 mm (max.) and length: 7,500 mm (max.)