Teplo Cavity Wall Ties

Ancon Building Products
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Ancon Teplo Low Thermal Conductivity Wall Ties suit cavities up to 450mm and minimise heat loss through thermal bridging, improving the energy efficiency of a masonry cavity wall. Ideal for today’s super-insulated building envelopes, they are suitable for both new-build and retrofit.

The original TeploTie can be used in new-build cavity walls or be resin-fixed into an existing structure during retrofit.

The Teplo-BF new-build wall tie, with its moulded safety ends, offers improved buildability and mortar bond strength, making it more user-friendly and suitable even in slow drying lime mortars.

The Teplo-L-Tie is ideal where a low thermal conductivity fixing is required between new masonry and in-situ steel, timber, concrete or masonry. It offers all the same benefits as a Teplo cavity wall tie with an additional L-shaped stainless steel upstand, mechanically and chemically bonded to one end, with a 7mm diameter hole to allow surface fixing. Suitable for cavities from 100mm to 300mm.